Square Pink Crystal Zircon Silver Necklace

Square Pink Crystal Zircon Silver Necklace

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Length 40+5cm
Size  20*14mm
Zircon AAAAA Grade
Weight 3.85g
Model SJ037

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uare Pink Crystal Zircon Silver Necklace

Product Detail

1. In recent years, it should be the minimalist style like the necklace shown in the picture. A simple main stone is inlaid and connected to the chains on both sides, looking for a place to show one's own personality in a square world. . The size of the main stone is 6*8mm, and it presents a rectangular shape. At the same time, we have made 7 colors to choose from. The specific colors are displayed in the main product picture and detailed description.

2. This necklace is still made of sterling silver, the overall length is about 16 inches, and the 2-inch tail chain can be adjusted by itself. The simple style still retains a luxurious feeling. At the same time, this necklace is very suitable for wives and women. Friends, it is very good as an anniversary gift or birthday gift. Choose a special day to find the corresponding color zircon and add it to your shopping cart!

3. From a distance, this necklace can even be called a healing necklace. The choice of different colors represents different colors of life. There are joys and sorrows, laughter and tears. Isn’t life like this? As the famous saying in Forrest Gump: "You never know what the next chocolate will taste like". Choose this necklace, choose your wonderful life!


Life is more than poetry and distance
And I don't know if I'm beautiful in happy times after I've become beautiful, but I have a lot of beautiful jewelry. May wish to add this zircon necklace to the dresser, there will always be a cozy and comfortable afternoon, you will find this necklace lying there, reflecting the colorful light. The same is true of life, only in the sun will it shine brightly!

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The beauty of simplicity to the extreme is an indescribable beauty. You don't have to care about the eyes of others. Just go ahead and be yourself!

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