Bubble Name Custom Necklace Personalized Jewelry

Bubble Name Custom Necklace Personalized Jewelry

Short Description:

Materials Brass
Pendant Size 12-15mm Height
Length 16Inch/18Inch/20Inch
Weight 6-8g
Color Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
Model SJ026

Product Detail

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Product Detail

1. This necklace is made of brass, but we can also finish the necklace with sterling silver material. Custom names or single letters can be supported.

2. You can choose other colors of zircon, such as white, pink, and blue covering the periphery of the pendant name to form bubble zircon, you can choose the birthstone from January to December.

3. The height of the name is about 1.2-1.5cm, and it can also be adjusted according to customer needs. We support customized orders, and one necklace can also be made.


The romance of the cosmic galaxy is not as gentle as the necklace around your neck. All the shining stars in the night sky are embellished on your name, adding a touch of color to your life. The bubble-like zircon surrounds the name, and the metal in the middle has a very dazzling luster, which is to promote your personality. This must be the most eye-catching full diamond zircon necklace at the party.

Why you choose it

"If a house gives a woman a sense of security, and a car gives a woman strength, then a piece of heart-loving jewelry can make a woman feel - being pampered." From a little bit of love to full of joy, this bubble letter zircon necklace brings the sparkle of endless love. In this complex and chaotic modern, there is nothing more than a simple custom jewelry to impress a woman in love.

Font Choose


Here is the font example effect show, then circle your need font number and send us inquiry! Our designer will drawing your name as your request font and show you the actual effect.

Zircon Color List


The most common use zircon color is for 12 month different color of birthday stone, so this is the color list as your reference. If you like other color zircons, we also support it and make the necklace.

Company History

1.In 2005, Established Company, only 20 employees.

2.In 2011, Transformed to E-Commerce Platform B2B Busines, more than 60 employees.

3.In 2013, Established two branch offices successively, more than 110 employees.

4.In 2015, Annual sales exceeded 100 million RMB and increased different materials production lines, more than 130 employees.

5.In 2017, Applyed for the China agent for Swarovski successfully.

6.In 2020, Awarded as an official distributor by Preciosa and factory products can use Preciosa premium crystal products.


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