Green Necklace Diamond Square Design

Green Necklace Diamond Square Design

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Rhodium
Length 40+5cm
Size 9*13mm
Stone 8*6mm
Zircon AAAAAAAA Grade
Weight 3.06g
Model SJ039

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1. The necklace is the closest to the heart. It starts with heartbeat and ends with white head. The world is especially gentle, and spring is even more romantic. I just hope that this beautiful wish will not be let down. This necklace is made of sterling silver raw materials. Two crystal clear natural zircon, one large and one small, are combined together, which is a fashionable beauty impact!

2. Staggered and symmetrical lines, neatly arranged color blocks, sharp edges, and ridged corners, the simplicity and regularity of decorative arts have influenced jewelry design, giving it a modern look and adding a new dimension to today's fashion. A very rhythmic visual impact.

2. In Art Deco jewelry, white metal has been dubbed the "noble of nobility" - platinum, platinum, and even silver have come together with gemstones by virtue of their color. Bright-cut gemstones are favored, whether natural, cut, or frosted, white metal can accentuate the contrast and enhance the brilliance of the gemstone.


Later, I met many people who were not like you. I heard many stories that were not as good as you. I had eaten many kinds of food that were not as good as your craftsmanship. What is difficult to replicate is precious. To discover the uniqueness of everyone around you, When you find it unique, you will know how to cherish it. This is very important. Don't get used to many things, once you get used to it you will start and you will lose the ability to perceive happiness. Choose a unique necklace for the person who has been with you all the time, learn to cherish everything you have now, and learn to be grateful.

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The beauty of simplicity to the extreme is an indescribable beauty. You don't have to care about the eyes of others. Just go ahead and be yourself!

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