Baroque Metal Pendant Women Necklace

Baroque Metal Pendant Women Necklace

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Materials Brass
Pendant Size 18.3mm
Length 39+5.5cm
Weight 6g
Color 18K Gold
Model SJ013

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Product Detail

1. This necklace is 39cm long, the extension chain is 5.5cm, and the weight is about 6.0g. It is convenient and comfortable to wear as a whole. It adopts electroplating 1-2mils real gold electroplating process to ensure perfect product quality, bright color and brightness of 18k gold, so beautiful! This one women necklace design is the most popular now!

2. This Plated Gold Jewelry Necklace is suitable for European and American markets. In terms of style, the designer adopts the Baroque design style, which combines classic aesthetics and classics, and at the same time incorporates a sense of damage and breakaway, giving a sense of luxury and modern style. . The designs of the two small pendants are completely different. The upper disc is like a rose with petals curling, and the lower disc is more like a remnant flower after being beaten by wind and rain. This is also the sense of damage and conflict that the designer emphasizes.

3. Another unique feature of this necklace is the use of a paper clip button to connect the pendant, which reduces the direct connection between the pendant and the thin chain. Sense and modern style. From this, it is not difficult to see the designer's ingenuity. Through this necklace, what I want to express is that women break free from the traditional moral shackles and be the most authentic self. No matter what kind of hardships they have to go through, the final polished result is the brightest. yourself!


Large pendants often attract everyone's attention at a glance, and this gold leaf design is bold. The unevenness on the surface seems to tell that the road of life is also bumpy, but because of this, there are ups and downs, from the rupture to a complete end, the pursuit of nature, and the desire to be different!

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