Diamond Pink Gold Heart Necklace

Diamond Pink Gold Heart Necklace

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Length 40+5cm
Size 12*12mm
Zircon AAAAA Grade
Weight 4.5g
Model SJ036

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Diamond Pink Gold Heart Necklace

Product Detail

1. This peach heart pendant necklace, the main stone size is 12*12mm, the choice of bold size is destined to be dazzling. , We have experienced professional masters to operate the whole process, so that the whole peach zircon shows many angular planes, which will be more dazzling under the sunlight.

2. The metal raw material of the whole body is made of environmentally friendly sterling silver material, which has moderate softness and strong plasticity. At the same time, the anti-allergic property of sterling silver material ensures the safety of most people wearing it. The part of the O-chain is also made of sterling silver. Small and delicate, the peach heart connecting the zircon is also the subtlety.


When we watched "Titanic", did we ever think in our hearts that if we met Jack, would we have the courage to risk everything for love? Even the choice between life and death. At first, when the designer made this product, he had a very beautiful longing for love in his heart. We also want to show through this simple peach heart zircon pendant necklace that we still have the crystal clear yearning for love in our hearts, and we should have our own for love. The pursuit and courage!

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Not defined by standards, nor afraid of the constraints of time, with this dazzling sparkle, it will bring you a stunning taste expression. With the elegant elegance, it gives the wearer the courage to pursue their dreams with confidence, and awakens the beauty and elegance that belongs to women in their hearts.

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