Double Necklace Sunflower Crystal Long Necklace

Double Necklace Sunflower Crystal Long Necklace

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Materials Brass
Stone AAA Cubic Zirconia
Pendant Size 16.6mm
Length 41+5.5cm
Weight 12.6g
Color 18K Gold
Model SJ014

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Product Detail

1. Double-layer necklace, the best gold plated jewelry, the necklace is a single pure paper clip chain design, the bottom is a pendant necklace with a length of 41cm, the main material is environmentally friendly brass raw materials, and the overall weight of the necklace is about 12.6g. The diameter of the single pendant is about 16.6mm, which is shaped like a sunflower and is dazzling. With AAA grade zircon inlay, it is suitable for any occasion in any season.

2. For women, jewelry is more like a silent friend. When you are in a low mood, it will accompany you silently. When you are confident and proud, it will accompany you to shine on the stage, with you, the fashion will change, and you will stand rich. Personality, but also can control the multi-faceted style, this double necklace is also your mentor.

3. Passing through the soft clouds, as if you can touch the hot sun, the double layers are elegant and double the elegance, the fashion of the paper clip + the carefully stacked sunflower necklace, showing her unique sense of sophistication! Bright diamonds outline the shape of hope, and K gold material precipitates precious feelings, bringing you endless female fashion independence.


Aesthetic power is a person's temperament rank, jewelry with low cost performance, no matter how many concepts and gimmicks are poured into it, it is not as good as one's confident choice! Choose what you see and you will get what you want! Men love power and women love beauty. This is almost a consensus. Therefore, swords go with heroes, and jewels belong to beauty. For many women, it is difficult for them to resist the eternal and mysterious charm, whether it is inadvertently when they lift their hair. The exposed earrings, the necklace hanging down on the chest, or the ring worn on the fingertips can always reveal the wisdom and attitude of women's life at the first time.

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