Mobius Ring Pendant Couple Necklace

Mobius Ring Pendant Couple Necklace

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Materials Copper&Alloy
Pendant Size 20mm
Length 46cm
Weight 6.5g
Color 14k gold
Model SJ001





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Product Detail

1. Made of environmentally friendly alloys, using real gold electroplating process to achieve longer color retention time, better wearing effect, stable and non-fading, if you like other materials, we can also make goods, different customers have different needs, We can also use sterling silver material to make this necklace, the whole necklace will look more advanced and simple.
2. The weight of the necklace is 6.5g, which can keep women comfortable and bring a sense of lightness. At the same time, the length of this necklace is about 46cm, and the pendant can be displayed at the bottom of the middle of the collarbone, which is very beautiful and comfortable. The chain is made of stainless steel and can also be worn while bathing or swimming without fading at all. It is really a great gift.
3. The circle height of the necklace pendant is about 20mm. It is a perfect overlapping of double circles, which is rich in layers, and also shows a sense of simplicity, modernity, and geometric lines. It is like a work of art. The famous paintings in the gallery are average, and this classic and simple style is often more attractive to the eyes.


The design idea of this product comes from the "Möbius belt". There are many couple rings on this theme in the market, but we also hope that women who like necklaces will like this product. We designed this necklace to express hope. Lovers still come together after some twists and changes. At the same time, they are an endless circle, which contains eternal and infinite meaning, and also symbolizes that there may be some hardships or setbacks on the road of love, but love is unswerving until death. Yes, this necklace is also an expression of emotional sublimation between partners, a symbol that gives eternal love.

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