Ladies Sterling Silver Heart Crystal Necklace

Ladies Sterling Silver Heart Crystal Necklace

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Length 40+5cm
Size 12*12mm
Zircon AAAAA Grade
Weight 4.5g
Model SJ036

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Ladies Sterling Silver Heart Crystal Necklace

Product Detail

1. This is a necklace made of pure sterling silver raw material. The necklace pendant consists of two parts, the top is zircon like snowflakes, 5 zircons are embellished, and the peach heart below is inlaid. A circle of gold wire edges outlines the shape of a peach heart and highlights the outline. The size of the zircon is about 20*14mm, all of which are made of high-quality AAAAA grade zircon, which is more shiny and not easy to break.

2. There is a five-star-shaped ring lock at the connection between the chain and the peach heart pendant, which can show the noble temperament. At the same time, the shape is still delicate and lovely, and it will not be over exaggerated, but it just shows the highlight of this necklace.

3. The necklace has the meaning of protecting life. They are the neck that connects the head to the torso and is the key to life. Therefore, a mascot must be worn around the neck to protect health and safety. The meaning of the necklace itself is similar to this. Not only a decorative item, but also a fashion item, it must also be a great gift for relatives and friends.


The tenderness in the world is the kindness that came late and you who brought diamonds. Things are precious because of people, and people are elegant because of things. May you belong to yourself, and you who coexist with exquisiteness. People cannot live without pursuit. Some people will become your nobles, or buried in the bottom of the heart like a bunch of stars, but in fact, we can also become our own nobles. Let’s run hard, the world can’t live up to it. It's your own love!

Why you choose it

This necklace is more suitable for women who are older than you to express your respect for it. It is the person you admire in your heart, more like the nobles you meet on the road of life and the guiding light to move forward. . With a beautiful gift box, the sterling silver material is not easy to be allergic, the price is right, it is a very cost-effective gift.

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