SJ Simple Paper Chain Bracelet

SJ Simple Paper Chain Bracelet

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Pendant 2.2mm
Length 16+4cm
Weight  1.7g
Model SJ045

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Product Detail

1. A real lady with temperament never shows off what she has. She doesn't tell people what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has bought, or what jewelry she has bought, because she has no sense of inferiority.

2. As an old Chinese saying goes, "Be rich in poetry and calligraphy", a woman's bearing comes from her inner confidence and full satisfaction. Jewelry is just icing on the cake, and the most beautiful scenery is yourself.

3. This simple chain bracelet also expresses such a concept. In ordinary years, it is linked with each other, always linked with each other, extending to infinity.


"An ex boyfriend gave me a bracelet. After seven years of dating and preparing to get married, the parents of both sides strongly opposed it and forced me to end this relationship. I still keep the bracelet, not to say I still love, but I don't want to forget it."

When the designer saw this experience from netizens, he could not help thinking of the fast-food love nowadays. In the age of material desires, are you remembering your past or that relationship? Is the simple chain of rings and buckles intended to retain you or become a shackle?

Why you choose it

Style is the expression of attitude.

With the power of jewelry, give various colors with ingenuity

Enjoy your unique personality.

Witness the moment with a variety of styles.

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