SJ Round Piece Chains Women Bracelet

SJ Round Piece Chains Women Bracelet

Short Description:

Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Pendant  7*7mm
Length 15+4cm
Weight 1.3g
Model SJ041

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Product Detail

1. We still use 925 sterling silver material, which is full body sterling silver, with a weight of about 1.3g, a bracelet length of 15+4cm, and the upper part of the body. Tightly wound by. It is made of pure silver. Locked together.

2. This is a double-layer wafer bracelet made of pure silver. There are five discs. It looks like the light of the sun.

3. This one of ours. Bracelet. It is different from other bracelets. The difference lies in its production. The production process is more troublesome than other bracelets. Especially the ring buckle disc.


For women, jewelry is more like a silent friend. When you are in a low mood, it accompanies you in silence. When you are confident and proud, it accompanies you on the stage. The fashion changes with you, enabling you to enrich your personality and control your multifaceted style. It is natural for women to love jewelry. If you take away the love of jewelry from a woman's heart, you will also take away her passion for life. Jewelry is not only beautiful to women, but also a goal, a motive force. Women are willing to pursue it, strive for it, and become more perfect.

Why you choose it

Like, is a feeling - has nothing to do with the price;

Fit, is a temperament - has nothing to do with style.

The bracelet means "lover", not just the harmonic sound on the sound, think about who will dig out to choose a bracelet you like, and personally bring it for you, this role is not the one you love. This small bracelet, tied with two beating hearts, this is the real meaning of the bracelet, but also its charm.

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