SJ Beaded Double Chain Bracelet

SJ Beaded Double Chain Bracelet

Short Description:

Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Length 17+5cm
Weight 1.6g
Model SJ043

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Product Detail

1. This is not so much a sterling silver bracelet as the beads on it are more like every stage of life. The time points in the inner circle and the chains in the outer circle affect the mood and are closely related to growth. Maybe life has different dividing points, but all depend on your own choices.

2. This bracelet weighs about 1.6g, with a wrist size of 17+5cm. It is plated with gold, but this bracelet also has silver color to choose from. The website mainly displays gold.

3. This product is also a versatile basic model. It is a good choice to wear it for travel and outing. A little jewelry embellishment is enough to make people feel elated.


I am a person with great forgetfulness. I have lost my wallet and keys

Last year's beautiful skirt is also missing!

However, my jewelry, which I moved several times, is still intact

Because I regard them as treasures, they are really jewels!

Jewelry witnessed the prosperity and nothingness of the world, as well as loneliness and liveliness!

Why you choose it

You spread your youth for him

Pull up long hair, cook tea and rice, and take care of the cold and warm seasons

He holds the sword for you

Tolerance and patience, carrying forward into fingertips shine, this feeling is the most rare, money is not equal to love, happiness needs to feel.

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