Changeable Letters Slidder Charm Bracelet Bangle

Changeable Letters Slidder Charm Bracelet Bangle

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Materials Brass
Stone AAA Cubic Zirconia
Bangle Size Available 14.5cm/16cm/17.3cm/19cm
Charms Styles Available More than 100 different styles
Weight 17-19g
Color Gold/White Gold/Rose Gold/Gun Black
Model SJ008





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1. This sliding letter bracelet is our inspiration from INS. It is mainly made of brass. There are 4 sizes to choose from. There are 14.5cm, 16cm, 17.5cm and 19cm wrist sizes, which are suitable for women's wrist weeks in different countries. Long size, the width of the bracelet is 7.5mm, the zircon letters are about 5.5mm, the fineness of the bracelet is not too small, it is comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to deform, because we use real gold electroplating, after 3 layers of electroplating and polishing , Thicken the protective layer, so it is generally not easy to fade.
2. We call this bracelet a sliding bracelet that can be changed at any time, changeable bangle, because there are more than 100 different charms that can be replaced by DIY, you can freely choose different letters, different colors of birthstones, as well as numbers, constellation symbols, Four-leaf clover, pearls, peach heart charm, etc., and all accessories are basically in stock, stored in separate boxes, to maintain the bright color and the quality of accessories, when you place an order, it can be shipped within the same day .
3. This bracelet is available in 4 colors, 18k gold, white gold, rose gold and gun black, the most popular are 18k gold and white gold, suitable for most skin tones, and the color can keep for at least 2 years , It is possible to contact water in daily life, but we do not recommend that any jewelry be exposed to too much water, unless it is real gold high-end jewelry. This bracelet is 17.3cm suitable for most women's wrist size, this size bracelet can be matched to 13 pcs charms.


Made of white gold plated brass bracelet with delicate polishing technique, it is a special gift for daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, teenage girls, best friends and lovers. It's not just the notes that slide, but also the personalized name. Give it to someone who has special meaning to you. Add different colored birthstones, names, and zodiac symbols, and it must be a wonderful gift!

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