SJ Love Color Stone Mothers Bracelet

SJ Love Color Stone Mothers Bracelet

Short Description:

Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Gold/Rhodium
Pendant 22.8*3.8mm
Length 18+4cm
Weight  1.76g
Model SJ046

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Product Detail

1. This bracelet is made of pure silver, and the peach zircon in the middle is wrapped. In fact, this is a small detail, reflecting the love that is wrapped. The letters on both sides of the bracelet are also Love. With your gratitude to your mother, you can create this gift for Mother's Day!

2. The bracelet has two colors: gold and silver. If it is the raw material of pure silver, most people prefer silver. Highlight the sense of high class and fashion.

3. When Mother's Day is coming, it is really a small surprise to choose such a bracelet and send it to your mother with a beautiful gift box. It is also a gift for your children.


I have walked through your years and witnessed that the green hair on your temples has turned to grey hair. I just hope that the time will slow down and let me spend more days with you. We will spend Mother's Day together and choose a gift that suits you. My mother is a beauty. Don't hurt her when the years pass.

Why you choose it

I want to earn money to spend for my mother and take her to buy clothes and perm her hair. Just like she told me, she carried a new bag and said, "It's great. I can't afford nothing. In this way, my life will have hope.".

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