Slide Charm Gold Personalised Initial Necklace

Slide Charm Gold Personalised Initial Necklace

Short Description:

Materials Brass
Pendant Size 50*10mm
Length 16Inch/18Inch/20Inch
Charms Available 26 letters/ numbers/symbols
Weight 6-8g
Chains O Shape Chain
Color Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
Model SJ030

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Product Detail

1. This golden long letter necklace is our main custom jewelry. It can be delivered on the same day as the order is placed on the same day. We have stock in stock and accessories letters, so the delivery speed is very fast. The unique design of the product is slidability, and different letters can also be changed randomly. A long pendant necklace can have up to 6 letters, because the slidability of the product must be guaranteed. Available in gold, rose gold, and platinum gold, there are more than 100 accessories.

2. Regarding the design of the pendant, you must be wondering how the letter fits inside the pendant. Just at the top of the pendant, the design of this button, one side is connected to the chain, and the other side is a button that can be pressed to open, put letters in from top to bottom, and then form a long pendant necklace jewelry. The choice of accessories is also available in three colors: gold, rose gold and white gold; accessories include: 26 letters, numbers 0-9, 12 constellation symbols, 12-month birthday color zircon, and some delicate and small Small pendants and separate zircon accessories, more pictures are displayed in the product details, you can also consult us to get real pictures for reference.

3. The color of 18k gold is more dazzling, and our letter necklace is also 18k gold jewelry. Some customized products are more suitable as gifts for relatives and friends. This also represents some thoughts. The design of the long pendant highlights women. The neck is relatively slender, thin and temperamental, you might as well give this necklace on Mother's Day and Christmas!


Life needs some changes, people are growing up slowly, and tastes are slowly improving. Whether it is a golden jewelry necklace or a diamond-filled zircon letter, it is easy to change. You can choose what you like or what has a stronger meaning. When designing this sliding letter necklace, it is also in the sliding letter series. Based on the letter sliding necklace, people's aesthetic changes are reincarnation and fast-changing. Every customer can choose their favorite name, or they can choose their favorite numbers, including constellation symbols and birthday month zircon, to show their own Personality is often more important.

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