9mm Letters Brass Custom Name Necklace

9mm Letters Brass Custom Name Necklace

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Materials Brass
Pendant Size 9mm Height
Length 16Inch/18Inch/20Inch
Weight 6-8g
Color Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
Model SJ029

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Product Detail

1. The name necklace with 9mm letter height can be matched with any letter, whether it is your lover's name, your favorite word, or your birthday, you can also add the birthstone color zircon to combine different color name necklaces.

2. The whole necklace is made of brass, when you need any letter of the name, we can make it all within 5 days, only need welding, polishing, electroplating, packaging, the delivery time is fast, and the product is guaranteed to be of good quality. It is suitable for customized drop shipping. We also have a professional packaging manual department. After the customer provides the required packaging design, we will carry out packaging and quality inspection according to the order requirements, and then deliver the goods to reduce complaints.

3. Whether it is customizing a few pieces or wholesale orders, this product is very advantageous. The single-customized delivery period is short, and the bulk customization cost is very low, which can bring you greater profits. In addition, we also support other customized products, and can also do R&D and design for customers, and can also sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure the profit of products and maintain honest cooperation with customers.


In fact, this necklace was thought up by our boss, the reason is very simple, 26 letters, why can't it be quickly and freely combined into the name that the customer wants? We hope to save customers’ time and production time as much as possible. We make all the letters in advance and wait for the customer to determine the name, length and color, and then we can quickly arrange the order, and the size of the 9mm letter is just right for hanging on the neck. Whether it is a clavicle chain or a necklace, the letter design full of diamonds is very shining.

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