Sterling Silver Christmas Stars Earrings

Sterling Silver Christmas Stars Earrings

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Stone AAA Cubic Zirconia
Pendant Size 1.17*0.86cm
Weight 11.16g/Pair
Color White Gold
Model SJ007



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Product Detail

1. This sterling silver jewelry eight-pointed star earrings are made of S925 sterling silver and use a platinum plating protective layer, which makes the luster of the entire earrings, including the silver needles, very bright, and at the same time prolongs the color retention time. Because of the S925 sterling silver material used, the silver needle will also become softer, so you need to be careful not to use too much force when wearing it.
2. This Dainty Star Jewelry earring stud designs are two crosses, one big and one small, showing different proportions of shapes, forming a visual difference, looks like a shooting star passing by in a flash, so we often give this The sterling silver jewelry earrings are named eight-pointed star earrings, which are also like Christmas snowflakes, romantic and shiny. The zircon full of diamonds makes the whole earrings shine all the time.
3. These Sterling Silver Jewelry earrings are of the right size, with a pair of 1.16g in weight and 11.7*8.6mm in size. They are suitable for ladies of all face shapes and are also very lightweight. They can be used with winter sweaters, scarves, and when traveling. It is definitely a very good embellishment, and it is a versatile piece of street fashion.


Meteor streaking across the sky is a gift from the sky. Many people like to make wishes on meteors. This is also the expectation that people place in this legend. This fleeting meteor is not necessarily a It can be achieved, but for such a rare event, you will want to keep it. The shining of a shooting star is a beam of light in the dark, and the AAA-grade zircon embellishment on this eight-pointed star stud earrings adds a brilliant color, making it long-lasting and bright, and it is also the best gift for Christmas.

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