Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry Women Rings

Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry Women Rings

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Stone SONA Diamond
Plating Tech Platinum Plated
Stone White Clear
Ring Size Color White Clear
Ring Size USA5#,5.5#,6#,6.5#,7#,7.5#,8#
Color White Gold
Model SJ022



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Product Detail

1.The stacking design of two small, large and three SONA diamonds. The two round side stones are symmetrical to each other, bringing out the unique brilliance of the main stone. The diameter of the main stone in the middle is 11mm, the height of the main stone is 8.3mm, and the two next to it are 11mm in diameter. The small diamond is 5*5mm.
2. The 3 SONA diamonds are all designed with prongs to show the full appearance of the diamond to the greatest extent, and it is not easy to fade and turn green. This diamond is essentially a synthetic diamond, which is more scintillating than cubic zirconia, with high hardness and high refraction. Therefore, many designers now also choose SONA diamonds to join the design elements of jewelry, and the application range is wider, so it is now widely liked by young people, especially single female aristocrats prefer this kind of ring.
3. The metal parts of this sterling silver ladies ring are made of high-end 925 sterling silver, supplemented by vacuum platinum plating, to prevent the ring from fading and blackening. After 3 times of machine polishing and manual polishing, the whole ring is smooth and flat, with a rounded inner arc. At the same time, we also have a professional quality inspection team. Before shipment, we will also conduct quality inspections in order to select all defective products. Go out and expect to make every customer satisfied with our products.


There is an old saying told that "three life time and three generation " , we used three zircon stones to represent the the life time and generation, wish you and your beloved one all the best ! We all choose high-quality SONA diamonds. It is the wish of many girls to have a diamond ring. Natural diamonds are invaluable because of their rarity, and the appearance of SONA diamonds makes carats no longer out of reach. It also allows more room for jewelry design.

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