18K Gold Square Gemstone Engagement Rings

18K Gold Square Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Stone Size 5*5mm
Rings Size USA 5# 6# 7# 8# 9#
Weight 1.5g
Color White/Red/Green/Blue
Model SJ022

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square diamond ring

Product Detail

1.It is the most romantic gold square gemstone zircon rings,for 18k gold plated, good protective layer and keep very long time years,the square stone size is about 5*5mm, and each one ring weight is 1.5g, the zircon also chosen AAAAA zircon,more shinning.There are several size to choose:from USA5# to 9#. It is suitable for young girl and adults,index finger ring is support!

2. The sterling silver gold band rings, look at the ring part, like the flower ring, crossed and extend infinitely, which also symbols the life is is full of infinite possibilities! These different four color natural stone will have different mean, and choose one your like and be yourself!No one is always young and beautiful, but someone is always young and beautiful.


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A leisurely afternoon is most suitable for turning on the holiday mode. The classic natural diamond ornaments are used to embellish the romance. The dance is graceful, and the diamonds shine like you. Bring more expectations for each holiday trip. A fashionable and delicate jewelry can always evoke a good mood, meet the joy of the holiday unexpectedly, fill the holiday with love and laughter, and let yourself dance and sing to your heart's content.

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