2021 Company Ceremony

Position: 29°20’4”N, 120°3’26”E, Jinhua,Zhejiang
Time: 17:00,10th,Jan,2021
A grand birthday ceremony and annual party, under the careful preparation of countless partners and countless family members, has begun. Let us look forward to it together.
The fiery opening dance, their dynamic dance postures, clean and neat movements, combined with the stage lighting and rhythmic BGM, attracted cheers from the audience.
2021 Company Ceremony (4)

This is our company’s annual event celebration, held every year on our CEO’s birthday, and all the staff will participate, prepare various programs, and have a grand party! We aim to convey a spirit of lightness, unity, and upward movement, which fully demonstrates the cohesion of our entire company.
2021 Company Ceremony (1)
The above picture showed is one of ours department, they are mainly responsible for sales and management. The top 1 seller is also here. Teamwork makes a dream! Not only for the top seller, but this one department created 50 millon sales amount on 2021.
2021 Company Ceremony (3)
The Left one person is our CEO, Mr. Zeng. He created the Shangjie Jewelry in 2005, today is his 58th birthday. As the picture shows, everyone toasting, wishing our boss a happy birthday and getting better and better! The same is true of Chinese wine table culture, everyone may need to clink glasses and say toasts to convey good wishes. It also enhances emotional care, on the ceremony, we also invited ours clients and business partners to enjoy this annual party. Not only prepared delicious food but also the exciting great rewards for our workers and their families.
2021 Company Ceremony (2)

Here is our company all office workers’ group photo on the ceremony, three boss and four managers on the middle, others all for ours employees. The pictures is not only for reunion, it is ours spiritual transmission. Teamwork makes a dream. No matter how difficult the forward ways, but we are always together and solve it.

At the end of annual party, all employees enjoy the meals, chat with colleagues. It also means 2021 all works finished, and then let’s welcome the coming of 2022!

Post time: Apr-18-2022