Blue Crystal Charm Sterling Silver Necklace

Blue Crystal Charm Sterling Silver Necklace

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Pendant Size 1.1cm Diameter
Length 40+5cm
Weight 3g
Gold Silver
Model SJ015



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Product Detail

1.This is gold white gold necklace, a pcs of delicate and small crystal necklace, made of 925 sterling silver, the necklace is 40cm long, the extension chain is 5cm, the box chain is about 1mm fine, this is also a delicate clavicle chain necklace , The pendant in the middle is called the blue popping crystal, the crystal ball can be rotated, and there are some ice cracked cotton wool in the blue crystal, which is a normal phenomenon, because these are all natural crystal stones.
2. This small necklace can be matched with a delicately packaged gift box, with cards, and the bouquets are put together, it is really beautiful. Many European customers like this style of necklace, especially when it comes with jewelry gift card packaging, the whole necklace is very high-end, covered with raffia, gift bouquet, it is an impressive gift!
3. Sterling silver necklaces often like to add some zircon embellishments, but this necklace chooses natural crystals, and the matching box chain is unexpected and just right. It is the designer's concept. The blue necklace keeps it shiny.


The crystal clear Milky Way runs through this blue planet, the drunken stars fall on the seabed and open into corals, and the crushed white clouds surround the mountains and flow into a big river. Under the shroud of all mysteries, it is stretched and reassured, because there are always stars coming for you and meeting you across countless light years. The wind in summer is blue, the translucent crystal ball carries the blue dream, the crystal of natural stone is attached to the skin, it is the feeling of cold in summer, the rotating planet is the universe we yearn for, mysterious and unknown. This sterling silver necklace is very suitable for teenage women and students, which means let these teenagers bravely pursue their dreams!

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