Trending Luxury Cuban Chain Crystal Women Earrings

Trending Luxury Cuban Chain Crystal Women Earrings

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Plating Rhodium
Size 32*11.5mm
Zircon AAAAA Grade
Weight 6.5g
Model SJ035

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Trending Luxury Cuban Chain Crystal Women Earrings

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1. This is a uniquely designed pendant earring. The earring is decorated with a stud-shaped ring and two rectangular zircons in the middle. The Cuban chain chain extending from the bottom connects the bottom square 3-layer small beads. Zircon, echoing up and down, has an obvious sense of design without being obtrusive. Cuban chain is the most popular and most popular fashion chain for customers, and it is a trend to integrate into the elements of earrings.

2. Every buckle. All of them are made of one-time engraving and cutting of the whole metal, so that they can realize that each ring is connected and interlocked, and we can according to your needs. Adjust the size of the ring and the color of the chain. But this is a custom order.


Incorporating the dazzlingness of ice and snow and the sharpness of chill, jewelry is also endowed with an uninhibited meaning. With exaggerated shapes, rich square-shaped zirconias, and oversized chains, these earrings make this new collection a captivating look. Like, is a feeling - has nothing to do with price; fit, is a kind of temperament - has nothing to do with style.

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The vigor and enthusiasm of midsummer makes all fashions follow the law of simplicity, and use the simplest language to interpret the summer style. The cool and dazzling earrings are matched with a white dress. Under the refraction of nature, between the changes of brilliance, it shows an elegant posture. Wouldn't this be the best gift for a friend?

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