Thank You Gift Greeting Card

Thank You Gift Greeting Card

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Materials Paper
Card Size 13*10cm
Custom Support Print/your/need/need
Color Black/Light/Pink/Dark/Red/Dark/Blue
Model SJ010



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Product Detail

1. This is the Greeting Card Custom Jewelry, this greeting card has 4 colors to choose from, black, light pink, dark red and dark blue, each color is natural, no color difference, the size of the greeting card is 13cm long and 10cm wide , one side is a color cover with text printed on it, and the other side is blank, any words of blessing can be handwritten, or we can also provide services instead of writing blessings.

2. The ones printed with THANK YOU are light pink and black, and the ones printed with BEST WISHES are dark red and dark blue. All greeting cards include envelopes, all of which are color-matched envelopes. As gifts to others, of course, you need to match some very good ones. , such as: "My Love is written in the wind ever since the whole word is you" can be given to your lover, or: "There is no one else you areverywhere" a simple sentence can already be used confessed.

3. The golden words on the cover of this greeting card are all made of hot stamping technology. With the help of certain pressure and temperature conditions, the template installed on the hot stamping machine is used to make the content of this greeting card and the text version press together in a short time. Then transfer the metal foil or color pigment foil to the greeting card as required. Gold or silver is often used in the bronzing process, so it is also called bronzing. The golden content font of our greeting card basically presents a three-dimensional hot stamping effect.


Simple yet stylish, life still needs some ritual wisdom to express unique flavors. For those who yearn for nature but cannot get close to nature, this is the most natural way to express your sincerity. , express your inner emotions through greeting cards. It can be used on Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and other festivals.

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