Sterling Silver Gold Hear Statement Earring

Sterling Silver Gold Hear Statement Earring

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Size 14*31.5mm
Weight 4.83g
Zircon AAAAA Grade
Plating 18KGold/ Rhodium
Model SJ033

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Sterling Silver Gold Hear Statement Earring

Product Detail

1. This earring is made of sterling silver environmentally friendly material. After 12 processes, it is finally presented in two colors, white gold and gold, respectively. The way of hanging the ear hook is more delicate, which is liked by many European and American bloggers. shape.

2. On the front of the earrings, AAAAA grade zircon is basically inlaid on the metal. Zircons of different sizes highlight the outline of the peach heart. The workers use the inlay method of nail inlay, which has a great effect on the manual craftsmanship of the workers. High requirements, to ensure the gloss of zircon, but also to ensure stability.

3. The actual weight of the finished earrings is 4.83g, we not only have earrings, but also necklaces and rings of corresponding styles. In particular, the white gold color is very suitable for wedding wear, and it is also a good choice for bridal gifts.


1. This earring is made of sterling silver and designed by a famous domestic jewelry designer, but it is not a mass-produced ornament. It is a high-end exclusive customized product.

2. These jewelry earrings can be given to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day to express your love for your sweetheart.

3. We have two colors for this product. One color, one golden yellow. Pictured is golden yellow. If you want to give it to a woman older than you, it is recommended to choose gold. For women younger than you, silver is recommended.

Why you choose it

The meaning of sending earrings is: It means that I am willing to listen to the voice of my lover all my life, I hope you are the object of my pillow, and all the love words, sweet words and grievances are only told to you. In fact, both friends and lovers need occasional little surprises to maintain their relationship.

Company History

1.In 2005, Established Company, only 20 employees.

2.In 2011, Transformed to E-Commerce Platform B2B Busines, more than 60 employees.

3.In 2013, Established two branch offices successively, more than 110 employees.

4.In 2015, Annual sales exceeded 100 million RMB and increased different materials production lines, more than 130 employees.

5.In 2017, Applyed for the China agent for Swarovski successfully.

6.In 2020, Awarded as an official distributor by Preciosa and factory products can use Preciosa premium crystal products.


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