Pink Daisy Enamel Jewelry Designers Earrings

Pink Daisy Enamel Jewelry Designers Earrings

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Materials Alloy
Enamel Color White/Pink
Earringt Size 2cm Diameter
Gold 18K Real Gold Plated
Model SJ014



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Product Detail

1. The main metal materials are selected from environmentally friendly brass materials, plated with 18K real gold, and the size is about 2cm in diameter.

2. Using the dripping process, there are two colors to choose from, white flowers or pink flowers, and the earrings in the shape of the letter C have a more design sense.

3. The ring is smooth and shiny, and the color is obvious. Most Ins bloggers recommend oil drop earrings, which are also the small details of the outfit.


The niche design of French C-shaped earrings with enamel drop-glazed daisies further highlights the sense of luxury. Gold-plated 18K earrings are very popular among young women. The inner polishing details are controlled and the quality inspection is perfect. They are the best earrings for travel.

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