Oval Zircon Band Engagement Sterling Silver Ring

Oval Zircon Band Engagement Sterling Silver Ring

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Stone SONA Diamond
Plating Tech Platinum Plated
Stone Color White Clear
Ring Size USA 4#,4.5#,5#,5.5#,6#
Color White Gold
Model SJ016



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Product Detail

1.This one wedding rings jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and matched with 3mm SONA diamonds, which is extremely luxurious. It adopts an arrangement and stacking design. Each diamond is of the same size and shape. A total of 22 diamonds are used. The width of the inner wall is 3.5mm and the thickness is 2.8mm.The inner wall of the ring is also engraved with the S925 stamp, which has white gold color,for platinum plated technology.
2. All diamonds are inlaid with prongs, which perfectly shows you the beauty of every SONA diamond, without burying every light that wants to shine for you. For doing sterling silver jewelry, we will have three process of polishing, to make the jewelry to be perfect.This white gold engagement band ring has different size, from USA4#,4.5# ups to 10#. so whatever the women size, there must be have one size fits you, and fits your any finger.
3. People easily get tired when they repeat doing the same thing, but when it comes to jewelry, repeat elements combined together become harmony. we let the diamonds set neatly and simply to create unity. Then to present you this ring to tell you that sometimes repeat is not that bad , the point is to found the meaning and beauty when you repeat.



This sterling silver bridal ring mainly interprets the minimalist style, light and timeless, and aims to better reflect the wearer's unique personality and temperament. Between your fingers, entangled with my deep imprint, life after life will never be separated, you are my only one. This is an eternal token of love, a ring that shines for a lifetime, and properly becomes a token of love and a lifetime vow. One holds the hand of the lover to choose the "key" that opens the happiness of one's life.

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