New Year’s Activities – Chinese Paper Cutting

New Year's First Day is coming , January 1st is the beginning of a new year. Shangjie Jewelry department’s manager Mary organized a great activity with her workers. She arranged us to clean all office first, including make up everyone’s desk, and clean the windows. Why need to clean all ? Check below video and feel the China Traditional Handicraft Art!!!

According to traditional Chinese customs, we all participate in "paper-cutting" activities, and hang red lanterns to make the festive atmosphere even stronger. We look forward to everyone are getting better in 2022.

Papercuts refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls,windows,doors and ceilings. Paper-cut art is one of the oldest Chinese folk arts. As a kind of hollowed-out art, it can give people a visual sense of emptiness and artistic enjoyment. Paper-cut uses scissors to cut paper into a variety of patterns, such as window grilles, door notes, wallflowers, ceiling flowers, lanterns and so on. During festivals or weddings, people paste beautiful and colorful paper-cuts on their windows, walls, doors and lanterns, which makes the festive atmosphere more enthusiastic. Especially in the countryside, Papercuts is more popular among rural women,even the art can almost be said to be a handicraft that every girl must master. Sometimes it will be regards as one of criterions for judging brides.

Papercuts is a kind of culture symbols, shown us the China traditional Handicrafts art charming, Just Like the video showed, Everyone participated in this activity, whether they were responsible for cleaning, dressing up the office, or focusing on hand-cut paper-cutting, they all threw themselves into it, so as to realize the meaning of unity and cooperation.

Our manager Mary organized this significant activity, leaded everyone to join in and then take this video to express ours expectancy for 2022 New Year!We hope that in 2022, we will ride the wind and waves, be fearless, and open up a new world!

Post time: Apr-18-2022