Crystal Gold Beads Necklace for Cute Girls

Crystal Gold Beads Necklace for Cute Girls

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Materials Brass
Stone AAA Cubic Zirconia
Pendant Size 22.5mm
Length 44+9cm
Weight 5.6g
Color 18K Gold
Model SJ011

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Product Detail

1. This Wholesale 14k Gold Jewelry Necklace is 3D three-dimensional, the design of golden hollow leaves is the biggest highlight of this necklace, showing the special features of this Gold Plated Fashion Jewelry pendant from multiple angles, the height of the golden leaf pendant At 22.5mm, it is connected by a melon seed buckle pendant, and the position can be freely changed on the chain.

2. The whole necklace is made of environmentally friendly brass, using 18K electroplating, 1mils real gold electroplating, the weight is about 5.6g, the length of the necklace is 44cm, the extension chain is 9cm, suitable for any size wearing, there are even small circles on the chain The beads are spaced apart, adding a lovely breath to the whole necklace, and with a white crystal, the whole necklace is covered with a sense of forest oxygen.

3. The summer contest is about to begin, are you ready to show off your beautiful collarbone? In a tired life, there is always a gentle dream. This necklace is the evening wind in summer, blowing across your face and surrounding your neck. This necklace is also a romantic match with a small skirt in your wardrobe. , bloom your charm, release your light, it is an indispensable summer fashion item.


Generally delicate products do not need tedious embellishments. The idea of this product comes from a natural forest video. The leaves are the plants of nature, and the beads on the necklace represent the dew on the leaves. That little crystal is like a beam of light. The combination of all the elements has a feeling of spring, which makes people feel like the spring breeze. Being in the deep natural forest, listening to the sound of the wind and smelling the big banana leaves, it is a refreshing feeling in summer!

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