Baroque Metal Pendant Women Necklace

Baroque Metal Pendant Women Necklace

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Materials Brass
Pendant Size 18.3mm
Length 39+5.5cm
Weight 6g
Color 18K Gold
Model SJ013



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Product Detail

1. This one is suitable for European and American markets. It adopts Baroque design style, combined with classicism, but has some breakthroughs, giving a sense of luxury as a whole.

2. The clasp of the paper clip connects the pendant, which reduces the abruptness of the pendant and the thin chain, and the large-sized paper clip clasp has a sense of exaggeration.


Large pendants often attract everyone's attention at a glance, and this gold leaf design is bold. The unevenness on the surface seems to tell that the road of life is also bumpy, but because of this, there are ups and downs, from the rupture to a complete end, the pursuit of nature, and the desire to be different!

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